Hello and welcome to Scoop Cares.

Through this platform and with your invaluable contribution, we aim to help the less fortunate within our community get through these difficult times and make a difference to more lives from the ground up.

Our Mission

To connect non-profit organizations and grassroots initiatives that need help to the public who are keen to lend a helping hand

To raise awareness on the initiatives that are making a difference in our community and that need the most help and donations

To educate the public on how to help the selected non-profit organizations and grassroots initiatives by donating to a cause of their choice

Where You Can Lend A Helping Hand

Animal Shelters
The Homeless

Meefah Homeless Animal Shelter

Currently run by the Selangor Furry Future Association since January 2021, Meefah Homeless Animal Shelter was founded in 2011 by Chan Mee Fah and houses about 2,000 dogs, 20 cats, 20 turtles and a monkey.

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Suriana Welfare Society Malaysia

Suriana Welfare Society is a registered welfare society that aims to reach out to children in difficult situations, victims of abuse or exploitation and families in dire poverty (the B40 community)

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Shepherd’s Centre Foundation

Founders/directors, Pastors Jacop and Bridget David together with their children have touched the lives of hundreds of children since establishing Shepherd’s Centre Foundation, a foster home for orphans and underprivileged children in 1993.

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Lighthouse Children’s Welfare Home

The Lighthouse Children’s Welfare Home is a foster home that’s been registered with the Registrar of Societies since 2007, and it’s run by Mr and Mrs Steven, who’ve given up their respective jobs to become full-time foster parents to all the children in the home. 

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Agathians Shelter

Agathians Shelter is a registered welfare home under the name ‘Pertubuhan Kebajikan Agathians Malaysia’ that was founded by Siva Balan (aka Brother Siva) in 2003

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Sahabat Refugee Project

This is one of the projects managed by Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI), which started as a NGO due to the devastating outcome of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the civil war in Lebanon in the 1980s.

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Refuge For The Refugees

Refuge for the Refugees (RFTR) is a non-governmental organization that started off as a project by Heidy Quah in June 2012. RFTR works closely with refugee communities – especially refugee children where education is concerned.

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Carefugees was established in 2013 by Azra Banu, Amin Rahman & Wajahat Meenai. Run by a group of 15 friends who volunteer to work with one of the most marginalized groups of people living in poverty, their mission is to help each person and family create a new and brighter future for themselves.

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Yayasan Chow Kit

Previously known as Yayasan Salam Malaysia, Yayasan Chow Kit was established in 2010 by Dr Hartini Zainudin along with Raja Aizan and his wife, Kak Arfidah.

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Women of Will

Registered as an NGO in 2016, Women Of Will (WOW) has been working to empower the lives of disadvantaged women through micro credit financing combined with Entrepreneurial Development Programs.

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Women’s Aid Organisation

Widely known as WAO, the Women’s Aid Organisation was established in 1982 by six volunteers and has been advocating to end gender-based violence especially towards women and children in Malaysia.

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Shelter Home Seremban

Founded by Mdm. Jegathambal JP, this shelter home started operating in 2003 and has been providing temporary shelter for abused women and children until today.

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