Lighthouse Children’s Welfare Home

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The Lighthouse Children’s Welfare Home is a foster home that’s been registered with the Registrar of Societies since 2007, and it’s run by Mr and Mrs Steven, who’ve given up their respective jobs to become full-time foster parents to all the children in the home. Supported by a committee of 14 persons, the Lighthouse is managed by four paid staff who take care of the children and two staff who are in charge of security and maintenance. 

Mrs Steven is a trained child education professional who’s specialised in pre-school children’s education. She had worked with children in pre-schools for 13 years before retiring to care of the children in the Home full-time. Mr Steven used to work in the banking and insurance sector but quit his job many years ago to support the logistics of activities carried out at the Lighthouse and be the best possible loving father for all the 50 children who currently call it home. 

Wish list:

Funds for education, medical/nutritional needs & maintenance 

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Contact: Mrs. Jacinta Steven