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Women for Refugees (WFR) was founded by Davina Devrajan and Arissa Jemaima in September 2020, as Covid-19 began to be under control. WFR is committed to solving refugee crisis through pursuing the economic narrative, crowdfunding, education and civic engagement.

As an initiative that aims to empower and upskill women from marginalised communities by training them to become key enablers in both financial and community building, the project is focused on development and named Refugee Women Development Program (RWDP). The skilled program helps to enhance the skills that these women need to help them in their daily lives. These women are taught to be digitally savvy, apart from basic knowledge of the English language and leadership skills.

WFR also reaches out to its community to contribute necessities for their daily usage such as food and sanitation.

Wish list:

Funds, wet foods (chicken, beef, seafood & vegetables), long shelf life foods (e.g. rice, oil & canned food), awareness (something WFR urges for people to contribute to), engagement (e.g. reposting WFR’s posts on social media, which may seem small but leaves a huge impact on what they do) & collaboration in ways whereby individuals or other organizations would reach out to them so that they’re able to share resources and maximise the impact.

Are you ready to help?

Contact: Ellya Zaireen (Head of External Relations)